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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Expectations: How do you deal with it?

Hi there everyone! It's been quite a while since the last time I wrote my last entry. I hope this won't disappoint you guys. There have been lots of things going on to my life and I have many splendid things to share that would somehow provoke you to share your ideas.

Let's start on the word EXPECTATION. How do you guys deal with this matter? What do you do when you manage to meet your expectations? People usually celebrate, right?

But what if you got disappointed because you fail to achieve your or other people's expectation, what do you usually do? Cry? Scream? Remain Silent?

Recently, I happened to see one of William Shakespeare's quote saying that "Expectation is the root of all heartache." Yes, I quite agree on this famous poet's idea. We, as human, usually establish expectation. Most of the time, we expect good things to happen. However, if failure takes place, that is the time people will feel heartache. This is the common cycle we always encounter. A cycle that helps a person mold himself in terms of his personality, social life, mindset, and judgement towards things. Mainly, this depicts a person's life.

Even me, I always deal with this particular cycle. A cycle that sometimes create happiness and heartaches. I hope these expectations won't give a long time disappointment to me, because honestly speaking, I don't know how am I suppose to handle those disappointments.

You, how do you handle things based on your EXPECTATIONS?


miharu said...

Don't expect. You will be happier. Honestly.

Anonymous said...

expectation really hurts :( (stat q s fb last saturday) haha

DALISAY said...

I agree with Shakespeare, although, for me Expectation is the root of all frustrations... ahahaha, I don't expect too much, I believe that one of the first things you need to look at when you are feeling disappointed is whether or not your expectations were realistic. I want to tell you something that might sound quite radical:

It is your expectations that create your disappointment. Nothing else.

That’s right. It is your expectations that create the fertile ground for your disappointments to flourish. Although it might seem like your business partner let you down by not coming up with the goods it was, in actual fact, your expectations that led you to believe that this event would not occur.

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