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Thursday, June 16, 2011

GHOST of Your Past Starts to Get Inside of YOU

Hi readers, (if I still have one....hehe)

It's been quite a while since the last time I post my last entry here. I believe that was Mother's day of this year, May 8. Lot of things happened to me in that span of time. Struggles, adventure, drama, and more. Going through all of these is a hard thing to do...yet, so fulfilling. I've learned things that I only knew because I heard it from some people, read it from the book, or saw it on TV. But this time, it is my turn to go with these things. Now, one thing I want to share is the most recent I had in my relationship to my RECENT EX-parter. 

Okay, let me introduce this guy, in order for you to understand why I am sharing this experience. Meet JED, he is a male bisexual who longs for a partner who will love and care for him. JED is among of my "clanmates" in our province. JED is sweet, cute and caring. Though, there are instances that he can't absorb of what I am trying to explain yet he keeps on saying, "I understand what you are trying to say."

JED is seeking for love and loyalty. Knowing JED, he had numerous past relationships that really made him to become doubtful towards his partner. He doesn't even trust his partner fully because of  his experiences in the past. Because of his, our relationship starts to fall apart. We broke up because of failing to fulfill my promise without giving me the chance to make up. Take note, it is my first time to commit such act.

In JED's case, he is among of those people who are afraid to be left alone and be hurt. They fear these things and treat it as their GHOST. They dislike people who turns them down for the first time, leaving them the feeling of being the so aggravated by the offender, regardless if the reason is very simple or not.

If these people keeps on experiencing this things, they become so immune with the cycle and start to become one of those people who turned them down. Victims of this MONSTER (cycle) becomes part of it.

Are you afraid to face the same ghost like what JED is afraid of? Are you aware that you might be one of those who turn other people as part of this cycle? Or if you are the victim, do you think you are starting to become one of them? THINK....

This entry was made, not to expose of my personal hatred to what happened between  me and JED. The purpose of this entry is to enlighten other people and share what I have observed. THANKS.